Let me just be up-front with you: I have two favors to ask. And only one is likely to benefit you.

Let's start with that one. Josh Goldsmith, Nora Díaz, and I have been working on a project that we can't completely unveil yet, but we can promise that you will hear about it in the next month or two (you'll probably hear a lot about it, in fact!). I can also reveal that it's going to be something that the majority of you will like and benefit from. (Promise!)

In preparation for that yet-to-be-unveiled project, we would like you to answer a super short survey for us (four questions with open-fielded answers about how you see yourself as a translator today and tomorrow). You can find the link right here.

Thank you so much. (By the way, one of the respondents will win a signed copy of my Characters with Character book.)

And then I have the chutzpah to ask some of you for one more favor, one which will benefit you only very tangentially. Some of you will have seen the promo video that was produced for my new Characters with Character book. It is narrated by me and subtitled in English. MultiLingual and I would love (LOVE) to have that handful of subtitles (14 lines, 100 words) translated into other languages. What other languages? Really any that you as a professional translator can provide. And that tangential benefit? You'll get a mention at the end of the video. Oh, and you'll have my gratitude!

You can access the subtitle file in its original SRT format or as a Word doc right here. This is also where you can make a note of the language you're translating into so there will be no duplicated efforts.