Translation Matters

You can purchase Translation Matters, my newly released compendium of stories and articles about the world of translation at Amazon in a print edition or as a Kindle ebook and on this website via the payment button below as a PDF file.

This book’s 81 stories, essays, and ramblings, collected over the past 15 years, describe a world of translation where technology changes rapidly but where the translator remains the central figure, ever-savvier in using the tools of the trade and celebrating the diversity and power of language.

The chasm may seem vast between the notion of translators as artists, bridge-builders, and cultural mediators on one hand and marketing specialists, entrepreneurs, and technology experts on the other. But translators are perfect examples of how to successfully combine these extremes in a world struggling to redefine itself with the rise of artificial intelligence. Rather than finding easy answers, you will be led on an often uneven path of discovery to find many examples where excellence, passion, and savvy are reliable guarantors of success no matter the outside circumstances.

Here is what some prominent translation professionals have to say about the book:

"As language professionals, sometimes we need tips and tricks, and sometimes we need a big-picture perspective on why our work is important in the world. In Translation Matters, Jost Zetzsche gives plenty of both. Need a tip on how various translation memory programs integrate machine translation? It's in this book. Wondering what role translators play in coining new words in specific languages? That's in this book, too. This compendium of Jost's writings is a great read for language professionals of all flavors!"

Corinne McKay, Translator, ATA President 2017-2019

"If St. Jerome were to be reincarnated in the cyber era, he would manifest as Jost Zetzsche, a true giant of our profession in every way! No one else blends traditional craft and strong ethical values - from the finest Eastern ecstatics to Western wisdom - with cutting edge technology like him. These once avant-garde articles and essays are now timeless classics, and this collection will be read by this and many generations to come!"

Henry Liu, Translator/Interpreter,
President (2014-2017), International Federation of Translators (FIT)

“What has remained constant in Jost Zetzsche’s writings over the years—and what jumps off the page time after time in this collection—is not just his love of language, his dedication to the craft of translation, and his deep interest in translation tools and technologies, all of which are perfectly evident in these pages, but his passion for communicating about those things—with grace and wit and wonder and understanding—to his fellow translators. Jost reminds us throughout these essays that the goal of translators and their technologies is to bring people together, to foster community and to facilitate greater understanding.”

Jay Marciano, Director, Machine Translation, Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

“What happens when a passion for languages and a geeky intellect join forces in someone who can express both with an engaging style that is a joy to read? This book, a collection of essays and columns drawn from years of contributing to such publications as the ATA Chronicle, the Translation Journal and the Tool Box Journal. It is a source of information and inspiration for all who are involved in the art of language and the business of translation. Read each chapter and absorb it, or read the whole book straight through. Either way, you will be glad you did!”

Donna Parrish, Publisher, MultiLingual

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