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International Writers' Group specializes in writing and editing services, English-to-German translation, and translation consulting and writing.

Our varied backgrounds in communication—including technical, academic, and marketing—provide a unique set of experience and skill for our clients' language and writing projects.

Browse through our pages to find out more about us and how we can help you with your writing and translation needs.

Translation Matters, the newly released compendium of stories and articles about the world of translation is available at Amazon in a print edition or Kindle ebook and on this website as a PDF file

The recently launched projects (a translation-specific URL shortener) and @translationtalk (a translation-specific Twitter account with rotating curation) are both aimed at creating community among translation professionals and presenting that community to the outside world in a favorable light.

New version of the Tool Box ebook
 Edition 13.5 of 
A Translator's Tool Box—
A Computer Primer for Translators
is now available.

The Tool Box Journal
Subscribe to the Tool Box Journal, a monthly technical must-read for people in the translation industry.

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